• QuayChain
  • May 23, 2023
  • 3 min read

QuayChain Joins ZeBox to Drive Innovation in Logistics and Supply Chain

QuayChain, a leading supply chain solutions provider, is proud to announce we have joined ZEBOX. This global innovation hub brings together startups, businesses, and other stakeholders to drive logistics and supply chain operations innovation. 

Today, we’ll explore the benefits of joining ZEBOX and how QuayChain will help our customers transform their supply chain operations.

 (Learn more about the QhayChain solution here)

Why We Joined ZEBOX

At QuayChain, we believe in the power of collaboration and innovation to create more efficient and sustainable systems. When we joined ZEBOX, we saw a unique opportunity to bring our expertise to the global marketplace. We’re excited to work with other members of the ZEBOX network and collaborate on solutions to revolutionize how the world moves goods.

Why ZEBOX Matters

As part of ZEBOX’s vibrant community, QuayChain gets access to exciting resources, including funding opportunities, mentorship and coaching, and collaboration opportunities with other startups and industry leaders.

ZEBOX is an important innovation hub for logistics and supply chain operations because it offers a unique platform for startups, businesses, and other stakeholders to connect, collaborate, and innovate. ZEBOX is designed to help startups like QuayChain grow and succeed by providing them with the support, resources, and community they need to thrive.

ZEBOX Startup Programs

ZEBOX has three different startup programs: Immerse, Ignite, and Accelerate.

Here are some key features and benefits of each program:

Immerse program

  • Access to services, events, and content for securing more prominent clients, new funding, and industry connections.
  • Connect with experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and clients at local events and global workshops.
  • Engage with a supportive community of like-minded founders.
  • Access world-class expertise, dedicated perks, and support from qualified experts.
  • Build a standout brand and recruit top talent.
  • Gain visibility through the ZEBOX network, which includes the opportunity to pitch at ZEBOX Demo Day and be featured on the platform in front of multinational corporate partners.

Ignite program (six months)

  • Priority access to meet clients, investors, and other entrepreneurs at local events and global workshops.
  • Engage with an in-person supportive community of like-minded founders at one of the four ZEBOX hubs.
  • Work with your team at a dedicated desk in one of the hubs.
  • Access world-class expertise, dedicated perks, and networking opportunities with ZEBOX’s VC funds community.
  • Receive support from qualified experts, including advice to master your pitch and secure funding.
  • Benefit from free one-on-one monthly coaching sessions to overcome challenges.
  • Build a standout brand and attract top talent.
  • Gain visibility through pitching at ZEBOX Demo Day and exclusive opportunities to be featured by ZEBOX.

Accelerate program (three months)

  • Fast-track your product-market fit with support from experts, resources, and services within the ecosystem.
  • Pitch directly to large corporations needing your solution through ZEBOX’s Corporate Partners.
  • Make your subsequent financing round easier by connecting with the international VC community through exclusive opportunities.

Benefits of Joining ZEBOX

Now, let’s explore some benefits QuayChain can enjoy by joining ZEBOX.

  1. Access to funding

As part of the vibrant ZEBOX community, QuayChain gains access to various resources instrumental in our pursuit of excellence.

First and foremost, the affiliation with ZEBOX opens up diverse funding opportunities. As a member, QuayChain can tap into venture capital and other forms of funding, providing us with the financial resources necessary to develop cutting-edge technologies, expand into new markets, and fuel our business growth.

  1. Collaboration opportunities

Through this collaborative environment, QuayChain envisions the creation of seamless and efficient supply chain networks that enhance the movement of goods and reduce wastage.

  1. Mentorship and coaching

Another significant advantage of joining ZEBOX is the availability of mentorship and coaching programs tailored to support startups like QuayChain. 

Through these programs, we gain access to experienced mentors and coaches who: 

  • Provide guidance and insights to help us refine our skills
  • Expand our professional networks
  • Navigate the intricacies of a competitive marketplace

This tailored support system enables QuayChain to accelerate growth and enhance its competitive edge.


The partnership between QuayChain and ZEBOX is an exciting development that will shape the future of logistics and supply chain operations

By aligning our expertise and resources, we poise ourselves to create pioneering solutions and technologies that revolutionize how businesses manage their supply chains.

We invite you to learn more about our partnership with ZEBOX and how QuayChain can help your business achieve unparalleled success in the ever-evolving landscape of supply chain operations.

Contact us today to discover how our partnership with ZEBOX can transform your business and elevate your supply chain to new heights of efficiency and sustainability. Together, we can reshape how we move goods and revolutionize the world of logistics.