Building the foundation for
a sustainable and resilient
supply chain

About QuayChain

By implementing secure private LTE/5G wireless networks, QuayChain addresses the supply chain’s connectivity issues in multimodal locations. We then deploy QuayChain Edge Devices (QED) across the private LTE/5G network utilizing machine learning, artificial intelligence and edge computing to identify transportation equipment and process relevant supply chain data as the equipment passes by.

Like this…

Our AI then optimizes the captured data for our customers. Pretty cool, right? We think so.

QuayChain’s secure, user friendly platform offers its subscribers real-time, trusted, visually verifiable data, empowering customers to:​

Access specific key events and milestone reports and associated moves, including visual verification

See accurate equipment and associated equipment moves and events with information such as numbers, size, images, dates, times, location etc.

Understand traffic volume and optimize timing in these locations

Be able to easily share all or limited information to key stakeholders, track viewing and revoke permissions in one place

Provide historical data for audit purposes

Acquire true data for building and expanding ESG initiatives

Enabling connectivity via private LTE/5G is at the foundation of QuayChain’s solution and is a major step toward filling the supply chain’s data black holes.

An intelligent, resilient and sustainable supply chain is good for everyone.

Meet Our Team

Amanda Wang Valentine

VP Corporate Development

Amanda specializes in new technology and process adoption in legacy sectors. Ironically, she is also a huge fan of post-it notes. With a background in strategy, finance and venture in greenfield technologies, and a former FUSE Fellow in Los Angeles County, we are putting her unique skills to good use here at QuayChain.

Andrew Scott


Andrew is a seasoned Logistics and Tech Entrepreneur with 25 years of experience across 5 continents (!!!) and has worked to solve problems with the supply chain’s largest global importers, exporters and freight forwarding companies. He is the former Chief Technology Advisor and FUSE Fellow to the Port of Los Angeles. Let’s just say his resume is extensive, people.

Daniel Shamany

Full Stack Engineer

Daniel is a Full Stack Web Developer, who grew up in Sweden. He has a love of problem solving and is a professional coffee drinker.

Eli Vinal

Linux and Device Engineer

This is Eli. We love Eli. Eli lives in AZ with his family and when he is not busy with his engineering responsibilities, he plays the ukulele.

Eric Zacharia

Machine Learning Engineer

Eric is a Machine Learning Engineer from Massachusetts. He has an M.S. in Computer Science (#smartperson) from the University of Chicago. He enjoys playing ice hockey, long walks on the beach, and rubbing his dog’s belly.

Jason Quach

Machine Learning Engineer

Jason is part of the QC Chicago team and holds an M.S. is Computer Science with a depth in Artificial Intelligence from San Diego State University. We think he’s like, totally smart.

Kellynn Meeks

Ops & Project Support

Kellynn is a jack-of-all trades and joined the QuayChain team in fall of 2021. She has an MFA from Penn State University, loves learning new things, organizational tasks (Virgo rising) and Shakespeare.

Richard Chang

Board of Directors

With over 25 years experience as an investor, corporate executive and family office professional in the U.S. and Asia, Richard experience as a senior executive in M&A/Investment team, at Li & Fung, (the world’s largest supply chain company) and as an advisor to complex technology startups taking them to exit. He had us at ‘hello.’

Rick Harold


Rick is the co-creator and former CTO of InstallShield (yes, that InstallShield)– a company he took from scratch to the de facto standard in the world of software installation. Rick also designed an advanced, dynamic, AI rule-base Expert System for the F-15 fighter jet, so… yeah.. he’s kind of a rockstar.

Richard Shreiber

Director of Product

Get excited people! Rich is a 20 year veteran of product management and development getting his start in the “Wild Wild West” days of the internet having started some of the earliest internet services in the US. Rich has worked in such varied industries as medical products, transportation technologies, payment terminals and food tech. What can’t he do?

Simon Davidson

Board of Directors

Simon joined QC’s board at its inception, via In-Q-Tel/Allied Minds, a VC specializing in cutting edge technology solutions focused on unsolved critical problems in government and industry. His background includes Intel, JP Morgan and Fidelity in the US and Australia.

ZiLong Wang

Industrial Engineer

ZiLong is originally from Urumqi, in Northwest China. He is a recent graduate from the University of Utah where he majored in Mechanical Engineering. When he’s not flexing his engineering muscles in the QC warehouse, he enjoys casual car cruising in his E46 BMW with his cat, Tiny Tim ( aka TT). #CatDog

Our Technology Partners

The ability to capture in real time the movement and location of a container by its number is the cherry on top of the logistics planning sundae.

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